Why get a Photobooth?

Photobooths truly make events fun and engaging for everyone attendees as well as capturing moments and emotions in the night that otherwise would be lost. That being said not all Photobooth companies provide the same experience.

What should I look for in a Photobooth company?

Ultimately the photobooth company you go with should have experience, genuine interest in your event, and high quality photo booths. Here at Events Media Social Experience we have that and more, however that being said if for some reason such as we are not available for your event for any reason make sure whoever does it has these three things.

What kind of Photobooth should I choose?

This is really up to preference and budget, take a look at our Booths page and compare for yourself the different styles and experiences available, we are also super happy to help guide you in your decision, reach out in the contact page with any assistance you need!

Do I keep the photos?

Not only do your guests get the photos via text, email, or print (depending on booth selection) you also receive a digital copy of every photo taken!

How much does it cost?

This depends on a lot of factors like your events date, length, booth selection, and more. Start an online booking and enter some of these variables in our system to get a quote, or reach out and we'd be happy to find a price and package thats tailored to you!